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Something Different

I'm at that age. Most of my friends have babies. My best friend (since 6th grade) is due in January. In high school (before widespread social networking) we promised each other that, if we had a baby by the time the reunion came 'round, we'd tell everybody that it was our love child and we named it French Fry. People thought we were lesbians, but now we're both married (to dudes!) So I made a cool mobile for baby French Fry.

Here's one where it isn't moving in a captivating (and possibly seizure inducing) manner. I know it doesn't look very complicated, but mobiles are hard work! You have to get them to balance, and in addition to that, you have to be absolutely sure that it's safe enough to hang over a crib. All I'm sayin' is that it better be, because I tried really hard.

No, I will not be making another one. Not unless I have a baby.

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Here's the card I made to go with it:

The inside said something like, "Having a baby isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but it's worth it." (Or so I've heard from everybody who isn't a stand-up comedian.)
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Animals That Don't Actually Exist

"If Napoleon Dynamite learned Photoshop."
I could have done a better job at making it look more realistic, but I didn't care enough.

The first time I saw the Grateful Dead bears, their collar-things reminded me of Kermit the Frog. I'm pretty sure there aren't any species of frogs or bears that have collars like that.
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Either You're a Cat Person or You Aren't

Guess which type of person I am.

When I was a teenager, my parents went to Florida and they brought me two "funny" magnets. Both were bright orange with a dirty black type. One was a fat joke, and the other said, "People are just warm furniture for cats." It was supposed to be funny, but it wasn't until years later that I remembered it and realized how depressing it actually is when you think about it. People are just warm furniture for cats (and nothing else.) Ugh.

As a matter of fact, you do. It's probably your favorite hobby.

And here's one of our actual cat. Yes, he only has one eye, and he was like that when my husband got him. Yes, he smells like dookie. Actually, he smells worse. I don't even think that Lisa Kudrow would want him.

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Been Making Animated Gifs Lately

A Cat's Life. (original drawing)

Mr. Fantastic's Feathered Friends. (from a superhero math workbook)

Gay Birthday. (from an actual, moveable 1940's birthday card.)

Wayne the Elephant Head Man! (Original picture of The Flaming Lips & my re-creation.)